Disneyland History

Disneyland history dates back more than 50 years ago. The history of Disneyland California is wide spread. It’s a theme park for amusement and entertainment for people of all age groups. This Disneyland is also owned and managed by the Walt Disney Parks as well as Resorts separation of the Walt Disney Company. The truth is that this Disneyland was inaugurated to the entire world through press release on July 17, 1955 but was opened up for the general people on July 18, 1955. Disneyland History also reveals that this theme park of California was supervised directly under the take and care of Walt Disney at his own.

Another fact is that this amusement park was given the brand name as “Disneyland Park” in the year 1988.The history of Disneyland has a long relationship with renaming, remodeling and restructuring procedures. It was re-branded in order to discern the park differently from the bigger Disneyland Resort complex. The attendance of this park is unbelievable, cumulative and amazing. As per the officials, over 600 million visitors have visited this place since its public opening ceremony on July 18, 1955. You will be surprised to know that the history of Disneyland is outstanding as it had been ranked the 2nd most visited theme park around the world in 2009 with 15.9 million visitors.

Brief Concept and Construction History!

It has been written in the history of Disneyland that the concept of this theme park started on Sunday when the owner Walt Disney was roaming inside the Griffith Park along with his two sweet daughters named Sharon and Diana. He was watching his daughters riding on the merry-go-round when suddenly an idea stroked his mind. The idea was the introduction of a place where in adults can have complete fun and entertainment with their children. Disneyland History also states that Walt Disney was influenced even by the memories of his father in relation to the World’s Columbian Exposition that took place in the year 1893 in Chicago. His father was a part of this exposition.

Walt Disney hired Harrison Price, a consultant from the Stanford Research Institute in order to locate the correct area for the theme park. He was able to get 160 acres of land containing walnut trees along with orange groves in Anaheim, California. This section of the history of Disneyland is of utmost importance. In order to collect funds, Walt introduced a television show named Disneyland in order to flow this idea in each and every home. The ABC television network offered the finances to Walt. Disneyland history became an important chapter in the history of world when the construction started up in 1954 on July 16.